Interview with Elena Gallen

How would you describe your t-shirt collection for those who haven’t seen it?

Sacred Geometry revolves around the divinity of mathematics, focusing on the aurea proportion applied to human nature and culture. Beyond a fashion collection, Sacred Geometry is a dark and conceptual art project, a conciliatory journey into science and humanity. Dark and ethereal, the new designs remind one of deep and hidden desires, dark reflective moon landscapes and smoke. The new line of t-shirts is based on depurated geometry shaped screen prints and twisted collage works. The divine proportion, the fractal patterns, the structure of the cosmos and the Fibonacci sequence inspire these mysterious prints.

When did your interest in Sacred Geometry begin? Can you pinpoint a particular event that got you into it?

I was listening to Walls album by Apparat while I began to research into fractal patterns for personal enjoyment. It was probably when I was shown Marquardt Beauty Mask that my interest in the aurea proportion in nature started to grow. A couple of years back I had read a Japanese horror manga called Uzumaki about obsession with natural and artificial spirals and suddenly I decided to role-play the paranoia mode of its characters to find out how geometry was present in nature, in culture, the cosmos and the human body itself.

Do you consider yourself a mystic?


Helena de Troya is the moniker on your personal FB page. Along with the history, Helen of Troy has been represented and interpreted in different ways, having a quite complex iconography, and she was famously described as “the face that launched a thousand ships”. How does the Helen Of Troy imagery appeal to you?

Helen of Troy is the archetype of feminine beauty, unconsciously disturbing and fatal. I firmly believe that the beauty of a woman is worth the value of one of the most precious empires that the History of humanity has seen.

We are fascinated by what inhabits our dreams when we are asleep. Do you have any recurring dreams?

Not really, but I can tell you about one of the strangest scenarios I dreamt about when I was a child: the whole world was empty and made out of aluminum foil. I would say I was too young to have post-apocalyptic dreams. I am not into the interpretation of dreams at all but I am really intrigued by lucid dreaming.

Are you more of an “analogue” or a “digital” girl?

I like the aesthetic and the truth of analogue but I am also really really digital. I come to the point of de-fragmentation in the creation process where sometimes I find it impossible to achieve what I want without a computer.

Is there any particular project or idea, which for any reason, you have not realised?

Yeah. I kept my 10 minute short film, A Bizarre Love Story absolutely secret after I left Los Angeles. Only my nearest and dearest have seen it. Filmmaking is something I take seriously and something that I am really looking forward to working on when I have the right chance.