MDTS 07: Janek Schaefer

Janek Schaefer
“Asleep at the wheel…” 

MDTS 07 (2011)
40 minute double sided cassette

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About the artist: Janek Schaefer (b. 1970) is an innovative sonic artist, musician and composer from England. He is an unstoppable sound explorer and enthusiast well known all over the world. Schaefer is listed in the Guinness Book of Records with his “Tri-phonic turntable” and has won such awards as The British Composer of The Year in Sonic Art, and The Paul Hamlyn Award. Having originally studied to be an architect Janek Schaefer has become one of the most important sound constructors of our time building his music from live vinyl, processed field recordings, miscellaneous electro-acoustic manipulations and found sound collage.


Track Listing Cassette – 15 Tracks

Side A – Driving Through Dawn
A1 :The 0:08
A2: world 3:29
A3: really 1:28
A4 : does 1:34
A5 : not 5:00
A6 : have 0:50
A7 :to 1:25
A8 :be 0:08
A9 : this 0:49
A10 : wayy 1:06
A11 : we 1:37
A12 : can 2:09
A13 : change 0:18
A14 : it 0:09

Side B  – Wonderland
B1 : Wonderland 20:00

MDTS07: Janek Schaefer
“Asleep at the wheel… Mixtape” A3 – really

MDTS07: Janek Schaefer
“Asleep at the wheel… Mixtape” A4 – does